Prince Harry is reportedly keen on keeping his connection with the royal family even after he quit The Firm in January.

According to New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, Prince Harry may be at odds with Prince William, but this doesn’t mean that he’s the one keeping his distance from him and the British clan.

In fact, it is possibly the other way around because the royal family and Buckingham Palace think he’s expendable.

While speaking with the publication, royal author Robert Lacey said that the recent snub at the Remembrance Day Sunday proves that things are worse than what royal fans and experts initially thought.

And it also suggests that Prince Harry’s rift with his brother and the royal family won’t end anytime soon.

“One the face of this, it would seem Harry is keener on reconciliation or maintaining some sort of link than the palace is granting one,” he said.

Following the snub, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers that Los Angeles Cemetery.

The Duchess of Sussex reportedly handpicked the flowers that they used for their wreath from their garden. And they laid flowers to honor the service people from the Australian Royal Air Force and the Royal Canadian Artillery.

However, critics immediately accused the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of using the somber event as a publicity stunt. After all, they were joined by photographers at the cemetery.

A spokesperson for Prince Harry and Markle said it was important for the couple to pay their respects the best way they know how after they were snubbed by the royal family. And this is exactly what they did.

The insider said that Prince Harry will always do everything that he can to support the military even though he’s no longer a senior working royal.

Meanwhile, the Duke of Sussex was also accused of not practicing what he’s preaching after he told Stand Up For Heroes attendees that service should be done in private.

Prince Harry also talked about his experience while serving in the military for 10 years. He said that his military experience changed his life for the better forever.

It also helped change his perspective on sacrifice and service. Even though he was born into a life of duty, it was during his military career that he committed to a life of service.