Karamo Brown recently opened up about his personal life and his reality show, Queer Eye. While many people have created bonds with their spouses and children amid quarantine, it seems things went downhill for Brown's love life.

The 40-year-old television host and activist who garnered fame from The Real World: Philadelphia got engaged with his longtime boyfriend, Lan Jordan. The MTV reality show back in 2004 marked the first time showing a gay black person on television.

It seems Brown successfully made his identity clear to the audience, but unfortunately the pandemic couldn't save his relationship. Brown and Jordan got engaged in 2018, but they broke up during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, Brown claimed that he is still good friends with Jordan.

In an interview with ET, the television host said that one doesn't end their relationship badly when they have spent ten years together. The longtime couple first postponed their marriage because of lockdown, and then they eventually parted their ways.

However, the Are You the One: Second Chances star said they both handled the situation as mature people. Recently Brown partnered with Zelle to announce a giveaway during his Instagram event.

Brown explained that during the Live Instagram event, Karamo’s Holiday Spectacular would give $25,000 to three winners on Dec. 17. The performer said that it is easy to nominate yourself to become a winner, or fans can nominate someone they love.

“I want you to share how you or your loved one has been continuing to send cheer throughout 2020. Despite all the obstacles this year has thrown at us,” he further explained the reason behind this giveaway.

However, Brown shared why he and Jordan decided to split after dating for a decade. He disclosed there is a point in a relationship when you ask yourself questions such as how much are we helping to grow each other, what are we getting out of this relationship, if there is nothing positive, then the couple should split.

He explained that's the only time when the exes can maintain a good friendship post-breakup; otherwise, they will keep pretending to be together. Moreover, Brown revealed that he is interested in finding love one more time.

Brown acknowledged that dating during COVID is difficult. Although he admitted that he met someone new who makes him "smitten." Brown said he did like to use "smitten" because he doesn't want to rush with anything.