Prince William and Prince Harry may have had a falling out, but the brothers continue to have a united front when it comes to their mom, Princess Diana.

According to Woman’s Day, Prince William and Prince Harry may join forces in trying to find accurate information about Princess Diana’s interview with Martin Bashir for Panorama years ago.

In the interview, the Princess of Wales said that there were three of them in her marriage. The late royal was referring to Camilla Parker Bowles and her affair with Prince Charles.

But years after the interview aired, Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer is convinced that his sister was tricked into giving the interview.

Spencer said that Bashir personally showed him falsified bank statements that the courtiers were being paid for to get information about Princess Diana. And this, reportedly, played perfectly into Princess Diana’s paranoia over Prince Charles’ affairs.

Princess Diana’s brother also claimed that one of the things that encouraged Bashir to interview the late royal was his obsession with the rumor that Prince Charles was having an affair with Tiggy Legge-Bourke. Legge-Bourke was the former nanny of Prince William and Prince Harry.

According to Woman’s Day, Spencer is now demanding a full inquiry and an apology from Bashir and Panorama for the interview. And he has Prince William and Prince Harry’s support.

A source told the tabloid that since Prince Harry loathes the London press, he’s very much willing to wage a war on various newspapers.

“Harry’s never gotten over the fact that he wasn’t able to protect his mother from the pain she went through and he’s determined to avenge her,” the source said.

And since Prince Harry is very close to his uncle, they’re teaming up to get to the bottom of the controversial interview.

The source said that Prince William is also on board with the plan. But he’s a bit more cautious because of his wonderful relationship with the London press.

Prince Charles and Prince William will also, allegedly, be grateful to Prince Harry and Spencer for taking on Bashir and Panorama because it will be more difficult for them to go after the BBC.

Meanwhile, journalist Jonathan Dimbleby slammed Bashir for exploiting a troubled Princess Diana for an interview.

Dimbleby said that Princess Diana was vulnerable. And Bashir must have thought that the late royal was susceptible to doing an interview because she collaborated with Andrew Morton in his book.