While George Clooney is well-known for his tough personality on-screen, in real life, and especially in 2020, it seems that he is like any other parent. Recently, the 59-year-old actor got interrupted in the cutest manner during a zoom call by his three-year-old son, Alexander.

During an interview with GQ, the little one crashed his discussion adorably and stayed in for about a minute. Although there is no video of the sweet moment between father and son, the interviewer, Zach Baron, revealed the cute exchange of words between Alexander and Clooney.

Clooney asked Alexander if he is aware there is chocolate all over his face and again asked if he had chocolates. Moreover, Clooney also asked the little one his age, and he responded three. Alexander further said that he knows it because it was his birthday recently.

The O Brother, Where Art Thou? star flaunted his toddler's fluent Italian speaking skills as he encouraged his son to speak a line in the language. Alexander said that it is very hot today in Italian as "Molto Caldo." The actor shares two children with his wife, Amal Clooney, who is a human rights lawyer.

Just like any other couple, the actor and his wife have been spending quality time with their children while Clooney revealed some new things he learned during the lockdown. The actor said that now he can cut his own hair along with his children's hair.

“I cut my own hair and I cut my kids' hair and I'm mopping it and vacuuming and doing the laundry and doing the dishes every day. I feel like my mother in 1964,” he joked. In fact, the actor disclosed that he had changed his priorities and perspective towards life since he became a father.

In his early days, he admitted that he never thought he would ever get into wedlock or have children. Clooney said that back in the days, he thought having good work and great friends is enough to have a full life, but later, he understood how incomplete he was.

After meeting his wife, he acknowledged that there was a huge empty place in his life. He reflected on how his life got changed after getting married as he never thought anybody else's life would matter to him more than his own. Now, Clooney said that he is more worried about small humans (referring to his kids) that are supposed to be fed.