Princess Diana’s struggles while married into the royal family has been fully dramatized in the newest season of Netflix’s ‘The Crown,’ and former butler of the Princess revealed that much of the portrayal was the most accurate he has seen yet.

Paul Burrel, who worked in the Buckingham Palace before becoming a working butler for the couple Prince Charles and Diana in Highgrove House from 1987, discloses his thoughts on the fourth season.

"I've watched already the first three episodes of The Crown, and I think it's the best series yet. It's a fair and accurate dramatization of what happened,” Burrel shares on ITV’s Lorraine.

Furthermore, Burrel’s comments on Lorraine is a legit take on the late Princess of Wales suffering as a royal as he worked for the Princess as a private butler till her death in 1997.

Emma Corin, who plays the Princess in the show, was praised by Burrel as well. According to him, Corin portrayed the Princess very well but believed that Gillian Anderson’s Margaret Tatcher stole the show.

He then asserted that the Royal family are unlikely to watch ‘The Crown’ and that Prince William and Prince Harry are unlikely to be bothered to watch the show’s depiction of their parent’s marriage, explaining that this ‘reminds them too much of negativity from the past.’

Despite claims that the royal family is greatly affected by the newest season, especially with it being described by many as finally turning their backs to the Queen and the family.

Many have expressed their opinion that the royals are a bunch of cold-hearted people, snobbish and too privileged for their own good.

Back in 2019, The Palace was forced to release a statement regarding the show after its unprecedented success on the world stage.

The Palace effectively denied their involvement in the creation of the narrative of the show and denied that the Palace had given any endorsement to the show.

Part of the statement also conferred that the events are not ‘factually accurate,’ which leaves for the scriptwriters a lot of room for imagination.

They continue to remind and warn royal fans of the show that they appreciate and enjoy the fictionalized interpretation of the events in the royal firm, but the members are not complicit with the program.

‘The Crown’ will air its next season in the coming year and will show the bloody divorce between Prince Charles and Princess Diana.