Is Keith Urban green with envy because of his wife, Nicole Kidman’s so-called closeness with her Big Little Lies co-star Alexander Skarsgard? A certain tabloid insists that the musician disapproves of his wife’s reuniting with Skarsgard.

The so-called animosity between Urban and Skarsgard started in 2017 when Kidman kissed her husband at an award ceremony and then kissed her then co-star Skarsgard. Rumors of Urban being jealous of the actor started from then on with several tabloids coming up with juicy stories. 

An outlet now insists that the country music star is upset with his wife for acting in another project with Skarsgard. It claimed that Kidman and Skarsgard simply could not stay away from each other. Incidentally, the duo has started working on a film titled The Northman

The magazine contends that the country crooner feels too much work pressure might take a toll on the actress’s health. After all, she is working on back-to-back projects and working pretty hard. It also alleged that the couple did not get time to give company to each other because of Kidman’s tight schedule. 

Finally, the tabloid feels that Kidman’s acting engagements are causing friction in their marriage. Yet, the actress simply refuses to slow down and work on fewer projects. 

The narrative seems to be a bit too far-fetched. After all, the duo spent quite a lot of time together amid the COVID-19 lockdown. After being married for so many years, they know how to balance their work and personal life (via Gossip Cop). 

The magazine produced a picture and claimed that Alexander Skarsgard and Nicole Kidman are reunited. However, they forgot to mention that it was an old picture posted on social media in 2016. It was clicked on the sets of Big Little Lies, as mentioned in the photo's caption. 

Also, it is funny to note that Skarsgard is hardly mentioned in the actual piece. The report simply discusses how Keith Urban is worried and livid because Kidman is working on too many projects and not taking enough rest. 

 Kidman is definitely at the peak of her career and is adored by millions of fans. The actress recently became emotional when she saw a huge 18-storey picture of herself outside a building in Sydney.

The mural was part of the promotional campaigns for her drama series The Undoing, which is equally loved by the critics and masses. The actress took to Instagram to share her photo at the site where the artwork was done. The building is located on one of the most well-known streets of the city (via Daily Mail)

Last but not least, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are happily married for 14 years and appreciate the demands of their other half’s busy working schedules. The story published by the magazine appears to be false.