Kate Middleton and Prince William were recently compared to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle following Prince Charles’ birthday last weekend.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge uploaded an adorable photo of Prince Charles laughing from ear to ear to commemorate his special day.

Prince William and Middleton’s post also featured a short but sweet greeting for the heir to the throne that also featured a cake emoji. But critics immediately slammed Prince Harry and Markle for not greeting Prince Charles publicly on his birthday.

One of the most obvious reasons why the Sussexes most likely greeted Prince Charles privately is because they don’t have a social media account like the Cambridges.

Gossip Cop also pointed out that Prince William and Middleton didn’t technically greet Prince Charles publicly themselves. After all, they have an entire team that handles the official Instagram account for Kensington Palace.

During an interview with Fortune, Markle revealed that she and Prince Harry are not the ones that post on their Instagram account. She said that they have a team that creates the post for them, and the same goes for Prince William and Middleton.

Gossip Cop also debunked the claims that Prince Harry and Markle snubbed Prince Charles on his birthday because they didn’t. The couple is simply staying away from social media that’s why they opted to greet Prince Charles privately.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Markle also made headlines this week amid pleas for the couple to abandon their deal with Netflix. After all, there’s an outrage following the portrayal of the royal family in the fourth season of The Crown on Netflix.

In an article for Mail on Sunday, columnist Emily Andrews slammed Prince Harry for his ties with the streaming platform. After all, Andrews said that there’s been an instance wherein members of the royal family are associated with the trolling of the British monarchy.

Signing a multi-year deal with Netflix reportedly suggests that Prince Harry and Markle are benefiting from a company that distorts the facts about the royal family.

The Crown Season 4 just premiered this week, and it has received a slew of mixed reactions from viewers. There are some inconsistencies in the series especially regarding their portrayal of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

For instance, one episode showed Princess Diana walking up to Prince Charles’ car to express his sympathy following the death of Lord Mountbatten.

However, this is not how this encounter happened in real life. Princess Diana sympathized with Prince Charles while at home with their mutual friends.