Victoria Beckham is, allegedly, thinking of ways how to help Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton end their rift.

According to New Idea, the Spice Girls member has been having a hard time deciding which of the two duchesses she will invite to Brooklyn Beckham’s wedding.

A source claimed that after consulting with her husband, Victoria and David Beckham figured that choosing between Markle and Middleton will be social suicide. After all, royal fans and other celebrities are expecting to see the in-laws at Brooklyn’s wedding no matter what.

As such, Victoria will, allegedly, ask Markle and Middleton to sort out their issues while at the wedding. And Posh Spice has decided to sit the in-laws on the same table so that they would have the opportunity to talk.

In Victoria’s mind, Markle and Middleton wouldn’t argue or bicker with each other because they will be surrounded by cameras. As such, Victoria and David are confident that after the wedding, Markle and Middleton will become good friends again.

And the source claimed that Victoria is even joking to her friends that she deserves to receive the knighthood from Queen Elizabeth if she’s the one who will heal the rift between Markle and Middleton.

But as exciting as the tabloid’s story sounds, it’s not true. The official guest list for Brooklyn’s wedding hasn’t been released.

And it’s also unlikely for Markle to fly back to the United Kingdom to attend the wedding when she’s been refusing to reunite with the royal family.

Meanwhile, New Idea isn’t the first tabloid to concoct a story about Victoria, Markle, and Middleton.

In August, Closer UK claimed that the fashion designer is torn between Markle and Middleton. A source also told the tabloid that Victoria is worried that the sisters-in-law will outshine her son and future daughter-in-law, Nicola Peltz.

The insider also said that even though the Beckhams are close to Prince Harry and Markle, there’s no denying the fact that they’re closer to Middleton and Prince William. After all, the Beckhams and the Cambridges have known each other for decades.

Weeks later, Heat UK claimed that the Beckhams already gave Prince William and Prince Harry an invitation to Brooklyn’s wedding because they want to feel like royalty.

Victoria is, allegedly, having problems with Peltz’s parents because they’re richer than her. In order to show her that she’s also an A-lister, the former singer, allegedly, decided to invite the royal siblings to her son’s wedding.