Barack Obama, who served as the 44th President of the United States of America, gives Donald Trump a new name in an interview with CBS, per CNN.

Donald Trump is Richie Rich, as per Barack Obama

The 59-year-old former president grills the attitude of Donald Trump, 74, the current POTUS, by putting comparison bullets of the controversial president with a comic book character.

Barack took an interview with The Atlantic as he told the outlet that he sees Donald as the comic book character named Richie Rich. The character is a poor little rich boy who is extremely wealthy, with a middle name of $(Dollar). In connection, Barack compared Donald to Richie Rich on top of his tantrum and temper issues regarding the recently concluded presidential elections.

According to Hollywood Life, Barack disliked the president's false and baseless claims about the 2020 election getting rigged by Biden and the Democrats. He said that Donald's actions and words do not suit a president's attitude or even American manhood.

Barack added that he grew up under a "code of masculinity" that goes back to the vintage eras. The code says that a true man lives by his word, alongside taking responsibility for it. He continued by saying that a man does not know how to complain, and most especially, not a bully. "In fact, he defends the vulnerable against bullies," Barack exclaimed.

The interview that was publicized on Nov. 16 (Sunday) further tells Barack's words towards Donald, saying that if one is annoyed by the possessing extreme political knowledge, and wants men to be men again, but is tired and weary of complaining about the patriarchy.

Furthermore, the former president and father of two said that he is not stunned that somebody like Donald gets in the way of letting the Americans enjoy political peace. However, if a person like Donald would be existent again, he would like that person to be more appealing.

Barack Obama's words support his remarks in another interview with 60 Minutes

Barack's straightforward talk on 60 Minutes backs up his comparison to Donald to Richie Rich. He pleaded for Donald to officially concede in the interview, considering Biden won the presidential race cleanly.

However, Donald continues to vow that he would never concede, claiming a voter fraud took place, emerging Joe as the winner instead of him. Barack also expressed his disappointment and dismay to Donald's supporters, who continue to be at his side despite the president's baseless claims, as per CBS.

Moreover, in the interview, Barack said that being a president is being a public servant and that one is only a temporary sitter in the chair. If someone rightfully takes the chair, one should put the country first instead of oneself.