Jennifer Aniston is, allegedly, planning a Friends spinoff that will focus on her and Courteney Cox’s characters from the hit sitcom.

According to New Idea, Aniston is keen to continue telling the story of her character, Rachel even though Friends has long been over.

Now that she and her Friends co-stars are back on the set of the upcoming reunion special, Aniston and Cox, allegedly, had a conversation about the future of the show.

And the best friends, allegedly, agreed that they will create a spinoff about Rachel and Monica. However, Aniston and Cox don’t, allegedly, have any plans to include Lisa Kudrow in their project.

After all, they’re not convinced that Kudrow is enjoying her life as a celebrity. Kudrow previously revealed that she hated how famous she became after starring in Friends.

The actress, reportedly, faced the most trivial problems at the height of her success because she was struggling to decide which parties she would attend and when she would leave.

By the looks of it, Kudrow’s statements were taken out of context. The actress didn’t say anything about hating Friends or her role. She simply said that being famous was a struggle because it was new for her.

As for Aniston and Cox creating a Friends spinoff centered on their characters, this isn’t true either. If there will be a spinoff, the news will come from the cast members themselves of those behind the sitcom.

After all, this is what happened amid claims that the Friends cast will reunite in a special episode. The director, producers, and the cast members themselves shared the news via social media and during their interviews.

Aniston was supposed to reunite with her co-stars earlier this year. But due to COVID-19, they were forced to postpone the project.

In August, it was announced that the cast and crew of the hit sitcom were taking the necessary precautions to ensure that they’re safe from COVID-19. As such, they made the difficult decision to postpone the production again.

But according to New Idea, Aniston, Cox, and their other co-stars are already back on set. The tabloid also shared a photo of David Schwimmer, but it is unclear if this was taken on the set of Friends.

After all, the reunion episode is unscripted. And it will simply be a fun interview with the cast members. As such, it’s unlikely for the reunion episode to be filmed outdoors.