Even long-running relationships are not immune in Hollywood, with decades-long marriages still ending up in divorce. The most recent one to have their relationship end in the public spotlight is that of reality star Erika Jayne and her lawyer husband, Tom Girardi.

USA Today reports that Jayne made the announcement through a representative. According to the 49-year-old’s statement, her decision to end her 21-year marriage with the 81-year-old Girardi was not something that she decided on easily. She also reaffirmed her love for him and the years they have spent together.

Other than that, Jayne did not disclose the reason for their separation, asking instead for privacy and respect for both herself and Girardi. She also affirmed that she and Girardi intend to conduct their divorce as privately as possible.

E! Online recounts Jayne and Girardi’s relationship's details, mentioning that the two first met at Chasen’s in West Hollywood, where Jayne was working as a server. After a year of having Girardi as a patron, Jayne said that she finally gave him her telephone number. Six months after that, the two became engaged.

Because of the 33-year gap between their ages, Jayne said she has had to constantly deal with people thinking of her as someone who was only in it for the money. She expressed her frustration about this preconception in a previous interview, calling on her critics to first have a 20-year marriage before coming for her own.

How assets will be divided will certainly be something outlets will be speculating on, as Jayne revealed three years ago that she and Girardi did not sign a prenup. Jayne has said that Girardi would have things go his way anyway, seeing as he is an accomplished lawyer.

Aside from Jayne and Girardi, another decades-long marriage that ended up in divorce this year is that of actors Clark Gregg and Jennifer Grey. The actors announced their divorce on their Instagram accounts.

Upon announcement of the divorce, reports came out that the couple had already been separated at the start of the year, with the divorce announcement merely formalizing the separation. The couple stated that the separation was amicable and that they still love one another.

Other couples that have divorced or in the process of getting one this year include musician Ray J and his wife, Princess Love. Last September, the musician filed for divorce just two months after Love withdrew her own filing for divorce.

This year also saw the end of the five-year marriage of Tracy Morgan and Megan Wollover. The couple has a daughter named Maven Sonae, who is seven-years-old.