Sean Connery has passed away but will always be remembered fondly for being the original gangster James Bond. Micheline Roquebrune, with whom the legendary actor had been married for 45 years, has revealed that he was suffering from dementia in the final few months.

Connery’s widow spoke to Daily Mail in an exclusive interview where she shared this sad news. Roquebrune mentioned that the actor could not even express himself properly in the latter years of his life. She was happy because he died peacefully while sleeping.

Roquebrune was there by his side all the time till he slipped away. It seems Connery had always wanted to die like this, Gossip Cop reports. 

In 1962, the actor appeared in a James Bond film for the first time and went on to play the role of the iconic character in seven films in total. He has been awarded various prestigious awards, including Oscar, Golden Globe, and BAFTA for his other acting roles.

However, this iconic actor was not too fond of the entertainment industry and lived a solitary life in the Caribbean. Yet, the entire Hollywood came together to mourn for his death.

The actor was 90-year-old when he passed away on Oct. 31, 2020. Daniel Craig, who currently plays the part of the fictional character, wrote on the 007 websites to pay a touching tribute to Connery. 

He wrote that Connery will always be remembered for his portrayal of Bond and for defining “an era and a style.” Craig further added that the late actor will always be an influencer for film-makers and actors in the years to come. 

Meanwhile, Saskia, the granddaughter of Sir Sean Connery, recently decided to respond following her beloved grandfather's death. The 90-year-old actor was surrounded by his dear ones when he passed away last week. 

The late actor’s 24-year-old granddaughter took to her Instagram handle and paid a sweet tribute to the Hollywood legend, reports. She shared an endearing message on her page apart from her and her late granddad's adorable photo. Saskia referred to the late actor as her “best friend.”

She bid adieu to her dear grandfather, who has also been her mentor and best friend. At the same time, she urged her followers to respect her family's privacy at this difficult moment.

While Sean Connery had a long and illustrious acting career who was seen in a variety of roles in Hollywood movies, he also holds the distinction of being the first actor to portray the character of the fictional agent in the official series.