On Thursday, the POTUS did something so bizarre that people are still trying to figure it out. After learning through a Department of Homeland Security official about how the novel coronavirus biology has been studied and the deadly virus' sensitivity to sunlight and ultraviolet rays floating around in the air and its susceptibility to disinfectants used on doorknobs and nonporous solid surfaces, Trump considered injecting disinfectant and ultraviolet rays into the patient's body.

Trump advised bringing the light inside the body, either through the skin or some other way. Moreover, he mused about disinfectant knocking the virus out in just a minute, providing they found a way to doing something like that through injecting it inside or cleaning, adding that the virus gets in the lungs.

The idea of disinfectant into the human body is so nonsensical that even kids would laugh about it, Tapper said. Moreover, it comes from the President of the United States, a man who is loved and trusted in some groups. Following Trump's statement, Government emergency tip lines warned Americans to not use disinfectants to treat the coronavirus.

Aside from that, Lysol had to issue a public warning to its huge consumer base that internal admission of disinfectants is not advised under any circumstances. Trump's new press secretary, who is bent on defending her boss claimed that the President had been taken out of context. Tapper, on the other hand, said he, of course, had not.

Trump made these weird suggestions in the presence of people who heard and saw him making them. Putting his secretary on the spot for her defensive remarks about Trump's musing, the president claimed he had been sarcastic and was simply challenging reporters, which Tapper described as a bald-faced lie.

In an attempt to spin this, Trump told a reporter that the report surely understood he was being sarcastic because he said it right to him. But much to Trump's chagrin, the reporter said he wasn't even there at the time.

Republicans in the president's administration and Congress know that Trump is failing to rise to the moment too, for instance, facilitating widespread testing. On top of that, he is now recommending treatments that health experts deem harmful to people.

Tapper says Trump's anti-scientific suggestions have proved to be dangerous as the country witnessed the devasting results of him downplaying the virus for weeks. Just a couple of months ago, the president said he had done a good job since America had only 15 cases which he said would reduce to almost zero, and then he was insisting on using hydroxychloroquine saying there's nothing for the people to lose.

The FDA on Friday warned people from using the drug outside a clinical trial or a hospital as it is associated with heart rhythm problems.