Prince William was recently dubbed as a hypocrite after being appointed as the patrol of the British Trust for Ornithology.

According to New Idea, Prince William’s appointment as the patron of the bird charity sparked outrage among a lot of people because he’s known for shooting birds.

On Twitter, members of the charity said that the Duke of Cambridge is an interesting choice for the patron. After all, he’s an avid bird shooter.

Another person called Kate Middleton’s husband a hypocrite. They also blasted the BTO for not finding a patron that really cared about the environment.

One critic also said that if Prince William really wants to protect the wildlife, he should start by putting down his gun.

However, there are also several royal fans and members that congratulated Prince William following his appointment. The role previously belonged to Prince Philip, and he has always been passionate about birds.

Last month, Prince William was also slammed by an animal welfare charity for taking his son, Prince George on a grouse shoot even though he claims to be committed to protecting the wildlife.

The League Against Cruel Sports also said that the future king bringing his young son to the grouse shoot isn’t a good look for the royal family. After all, the British clan has been promoting themselves to be progressive and compassionate.

Meanwhile, Prince William also made headlines this week after it was revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19 in April. Following the diagnosis, Prince William immediately isolated at Anmer Hall. His wife and children didn’t test positive for the illness.

According to The Sun, the Duke of Cambridge told one of the guests at a function that he didn’t share his diagnosis to the world so that they won’t be alarmed.

Weeks before Prince William tested positive for COVID-19, it was reported that Prince Charles also tested positive for the deadly virus.

Prince William, reportedly, showed some serious COVID-19 symptoms including difficulty breathing.

A source for the publication couldn’t also help but think what would happen it Prince Charles and Prince William died due to the virus. When this happens, Prince George is excepted to succeed the queen.

But since he’s still very young, a prince regent will be appointed. And in this case, it would be Prince Harry. Even though he already quit The Firm, the Duke of Sussex may be forced to return to the royal family if this happens.