Camilla Parker Bowles, allegedly, threw wine at Queen Elizabeth during their drunken brawl.

Globe published the dubious and shocking claims about the queen and Camilla in August. And Gossip Cop is revisiting it alongside several other rumors about the two senior royals.

A source told Globe that Camilla became so drunk after drinking several glasses of wine and she ended up lashing out at the queen. After exchanging several heated words with each other. the Duchess of Cornwall, allegedly, grabbed the queen by the throat and threw a glass of wine at the monarch’s face.

Following the incident, the queen, allegedly, made it clear that she never wants to be in the same room as her daughter-in-law.

From there, New Idea claimed that the queen believes that Camilla and Meghan Markle are thieves. After all, Her Majesty, allegedly, lost some of her jewelry and only Camilla and Markle know where she’s keeping them.

And just last month, Globe once again claimed that Camilla and the queen got into another fight that resulted in the monarch demoting Prince Charles’ wife.

A source told the tabloid that Camilla was expecting she would be crowned as the queen consort when Prince Charles ascends the throne. But to her surprise, the queen has decided that she will only be known as a princess consort.

Last year, the same tabloid also claimed that the queen urged Prince Charles to divorce Camilla. And the couple agreed and they filed their divorce papers secretly.

But months have passed and none of the rumors about Camilla and the queen have been proven to be correct. The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles never filed for a divorce either.

And it’s unlikely that Camilla stole jewelry from the queen because she has her own.

Rumors about Camilla and the queen’s relationship have been rife since the former started having an affair with Prince Charles. According to experts, the queen didn’t support the fact that Prince Charles got into a relationship with Camilla while he was still married to Princess Diana. But over the years, Camilla and the queen became close.

In the book The Duchess, royal author Penny Junor said that Camilla and the queen have stepped out in public several times. And they usually appear to be close.

And even though the queen didn’t attend Camilla and Prince Charles’ wedding, she, reportedly, gave her daughter-in-law an expensive ring that signifies her support for her and Prince Charles’ union.