Miley Cyrus recently talked about her turbulent love life and said that she hasn’t grown tired or jaded because of her highly-publicized breakups.

While speaking with WHO, Cyrus said that she has a pretty good sense of reality when it comes to her relationships. The "Wrecking Ball" singer said that she believes there's a time in one's life for everything and every person. 

Cyrus also said that with the advent of modern society and technology, everyone has access to a lot of things right now.

“Many people will have an understanding of what I mean by ‘forever and ever no more.’ It really speaks out for a lot of us who feel like a failure if something isn’t forever. That isn’t the case, it’s just reality,” she said.

Cyrus also said that the public shouldn’t crucify other people for their failed relationships. After all, this is also human. The former child star also said that she doesn’t like looking at relationships as failures. Rather, it is a building block of who a person is going to be.

Meanwhile, Cyrus also talked about her new album, Midnight Sky. Later this year, the singer will also release her She Is Miley album.

Cyrus said that she will be releasing more singles from her new album in the coming weeks. She said that she's looking forward to releasing more single with visuals because this is what her fans love. 

Meanwhile, Cyrus ended her 10-month relationship with Cody Simpson last summer. The exes released a statement saying that they will continue to be friends.

Cyrus also explained her split from Simpson by saying that two halves can’t make a whole that’s why they decided to call it quits.

In August, the singer seemingly blamed the media for telling her story and controlling her narrative. At that time, Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had just broken up. 

Cyrus also said that on that day, a source revealed that she and Simpson have broken up. And the so-called reliable source couldn't have been more reliable than her and Simpson themselves. 

The singer then admitted that they have called it quits. But she insisted that there's no drama between them. 

Before Simpson, Cyrus dated Kaitlynn Carter briefly. After their split, the reality TV star admitted that she fell in love with the singer.

Back then, Cyrus was still, reportedly, reeling over her divorce from Liam Hemsworth. The A-listers were in an on-again-off-again relationship for an entire decade.