Hugh Grant’s wife, Deborra-Lee Furness is, allegedly, worried that the actor and Tom Cruise’s close friendship could lead the latter into recruiting the former to join Scientology.

According to New Idea, Grant has always been a huge fan of Cruise. And since the two A-listers have become close friends recently, there are fears that Grant might be sucked into the religion.

Grant has, allegedly, always wanted to work with Cruise. And the A-listers have been throwing ideas around. The source said that Grant almost replaced Val Kilmer in one of Cruise's movies 10 years ago. 

The insider also said that Grant has several scripts that he wants to pitch to Cruise. But Grant’s desire to work with Cruise isn’t sitting well with his wife, who has, allegedly, put some rules in place.

According to the source, Grant's wife doesn't normally weigh in on his projects. But this time around, Furness made her position clear about Scientology. 

Furness, allegedly, knows that Scientologists are masters when it comes to convincing other people to join the religion. As such, she wants her husband to limit his contact with Cruise and the other members of Scientology.

However, Grant cannot, allegedly, see the problem with what he’s doing because he’s the type of person who trusts easily.

The Love Actually star is, reportedly, very trusting of other people. And this is why his wife is protective of him. But Grant is still allegedly very curious as to what goes on during Scientology meetings and wants to attend at least one session. But his wife is trying to prevent him from doing so. 

There have been claims that Cruise is also trying to recruit his daughter, Suri Cruise to join the religion. While speaking with the New York Post, former Scientologist Leah Remini said that she wouldn’t be surprised if the actor would force Suri to be part of his religion.

Remini also said that Scientologists consider Katie Holmes a suppressive person because he’s not part of the religion.

Weeks ago, it was also revealed that Brad Pitt tried to join the religion but he backed out at the last minute. The actor, reportedly, faced a series of initiations that he found difficult to complete.

As such, the Ad Astra star walked out during one of the sessions and he never returned ever since.