Prince Charles has, allegedly, urged Prince Harry to return to the United Kingdom within the next few weeks.

One of the things on his agenda is to try and bridge the gap between Prince William and Prince Harry.

According to Woman’s Day, Prince Harry was supposed to return home in January to attend Meghan Markle’s court hearing. But his dad urged him to come home earlier and by himself so that they could have a talk.

“Harry probably needs to duck home for tax and visa reasons, but I don’t think Charles is going to let him make a flying visit. I’ve heard he’s told Harry to come home within the next few weeks – alone – so they can sit down with William and have this out once and for all. It’s helping no one for them to be taking passive-aggressive potshots at each other from across the Atlantic,” the source said.

The insider claimed that upon his arrival, Prince Harry would have to talk to Queen Elizabeth first. And after she reads the riot act to her grandson, Prince Harry will have a conversation with Prince Charles. The heir to the throne will also, allegedly, read the riot act to his youngest son.

According to the source, the meeting would most likely spark a row between Prince William and Prince Harry. But Prince Charles still hopes that after his sons get the resentment and fury off their chests, they will be able to have constructive discussions about the royal family. 

Prince William and Prince Harry have been feuding for years. In the book Battle of Brothers author Robert Lacey said that the siblings’ differing roles are one of the things that set them apart while they were growing up.

But as they got older, it was Prince Harry’s decision to rush into marrying Meghan Markle that drove a wedge between him and Prince William.

According to Woman’s Day, Prince Harry is also enraged after learning that Prince William accepted the Captain-General position of the Royal Marines that used to be his.

“Prince Harry was floored by that. He’s made no secret of the fact he was going to appeal to have that role reinstated at the 12-month review. He has served in frontline combat and the service members respect him. Harry thinks he’s earned it and he honestly believes William is deliberately taking it away to hurt him,” the source said.

But according to royal correspondent Richard Palmer, the title was taken away from Prince Harry because of his comments about the US elections.