Demi Lovato has, allegedly, stopped trying to lose weight so she could focus on getting her breasts enlarged instead.

Globe recently made a big fuss about Lovato’s revelation about her breasts. The singer said that it was only after she quit starving herself that she noticed her breasts get bigger.

Lovato also said that all her life, she hated the fact that she had small breasts. But when she finally let go of her eating issues, she noticed her breasts getting bigger. Now, the singer couldn’t be happier with the size of her breasts.

The “Stone Cold” singer also gave helpful advice to her fans by saying that their bodies will do what they’re supposed to do.

However, it seems that it is the tabloid’s headline that’s misleading.

“Demi’s big booby prize,” the tabloid wrote in bold pink letters. This suggests that Lovato is getting her breasts enlarged when she’s not.

Lovato has been very vocal about her journey to self-love. During a recent interview on Apple Music, she said that the year 2020 has been all about growing for her.

The former child star admitted that it took her years to come to terms with the fact that perfection is unachievable. And only after she’s accepted this did she learn how to love herself more.

Growing up, Lovato also dealt with her eating disorder and addiction. Three years ago, she shared side by side photos of herself while she was battling bulimia and after she successfully recovered from it. In her caption, the singer said that recovery is possible.

During her interview with American Way magazine, the former X-Factor USA judge said that she started binge eating and purging when she was just 9 years old.

She said that some of her elderly family members also battled with addiction and eating disorders. And growing up, she was also bullied in school.

Lovato admitted that she didn’t even think that she would reach the age of 21 because of how she abused her body with cutting, drugs like cocaine and painkillers, and alcohol.

Ten years ago, Lovato checked herself into a rehab facility for the first time. And her recovery process hasn’t been easy. After years of being sober, Lovato suffered a relapse two years ago that almost took her life.

Today, the singer is doing much better. And she seems happier even though she just ended her short engagement with Max Ehrich recently.