Kris Jenner is, allegedly, demanding an apology from Kanye West after the rapper tainted her name in public.

According to Globe, Jenner and West are struggling to make amends. After all, West doesn’t think that he needs to apologize to the momager.

A source told the tabloid that West can’t even stand being in the same room as Jenner. And just hearing her name makes him want to storm out of the room.

The insider also said that the idea of sitting down to make amends with Jenner is out of the table for West for now. West couldn’t also, allegedly, understand why Jenner has been trying to control the lives of her children even though they’re already adults.

And West couldn’t also believe that Jenner tried controlling him in a similar manner. However, he made it clear to her that she can’t do the same to him.

Jenner, on the other hand, believes that West owes her an apology especially after he trashed her reputation on social media. The momager also, allegedly, wants West to give her a verbal assurance that he would never hurt Kim Kardashian and that he would do something to address his mental health.

The mom of six, allegedly, wants the rapper to give her proof that he’s been seeing a therapist and taking his medications regularly. But West doesn’t, allegedly, want to follow Jenner’s request because he feels his personal life is none of her business.

Meanwhile, the source claimed that Kim is caught in between her mom and husband. After all, their alleged feud has turned into World War II and she doesn’t know what to do with them because they’re both very stubborn.

However, one should read through the tabloid’s claims with caution because they are entirely based on hearsay. After all, Jenner and West have not directly confirmed that they’re feuding with each other.

But three years ago, a source told People that West has had huge blow-ups with his mother-in-law. Jenner is, allegedly, most concerned about West’s erratic behavior and how it’s affecting Kim’s brand.

Months ago, West posted a series of cryptic tweets accusing Jenner of trying to lock him up. He also said that the momager is not allowed to go near his children.

Shortly after posting his cryptic tweets, Kim released a statement asking their fans for compassion since West is battling with his bipolar disorder for years.