Famous movie star Tom Cruise, 58, is said to be in a massive dilemma of whether he needs to confront legendary songstress Cher, 74, on her apparent upcoming memoir that will include their steamy yet short-lived relationship.

Insiders have revealed that Cruise has become a ‘basket-case’ after he heard that Cher would be making a memoir and he will be included in her narrative.

The actor was said to have had a short-lived relationship with the singer after meeting in an event in the White House.

The two Hollywood big stars were said to have an instant connection. Their physical attraction was claimed to be electrifying and ended up hooking up. The casual relationship did not last long and said to have only lasted for a couple of weeks.

Although the said fling was nothing more than casual, control freak Cruise is said to be over his head of the news.

The actor’s camp was said to have already reached out to Cher’s camp, asking the singer to leave out details of their connection or removing it completely from the plot.

National Enquirer alleged that after Cher’s silence on the matter, he personally reached out to the singer himself and pleaded that she leave him out.

Cher was said to have no comments, which left the action star more than worried.

Tom Cruise is claimed to be too image-conscious to let Cher write something about him and is having a dilemma whether to take legal action on the matter.

Cruise is anxious that there will be embarrassing details in the singer’s memoir that will destroy his career and people's respect.

The memoir is still in the making and Cher is taking her time in writing it as she has taking her time. She reveals that writing her story has become Cathartic over the Corona Virus pandemic lockdown.

The singer has not revealed any details on the memoir, saying that it will be a surprise for the readers. Cher’s massive success as a singer and a small-time actress has made her one of Hollywood’s most sought after talent.

In an interview with Los Angeles Times, the songstress answered some intimate questions regarding her life and the things she has ended loving during the lockdown.

The singer’s camp also has no comments on the rumors of Tom Cruise’s alleged reaching out to Cher.