Opening up about some of her previous struggles, actress Drew Barrymore talked about her 2016 divorce from husband Will Kopelman, saying that she couldn't take the split well. Contrary to her lovable Hollywood star persona, the beloved actress is no stranger to struggles in the form of legal battles, divorce, and even addition.

Despite her own troubled past, Barrymore, 45, is bent on ensuring that her two daughters are surrounded by love and support as they grow up. However, following her divorce from Kopelman in 2016, the actress was worried that she would not raise her daughters the way she wanted to.

During a conversation with Sunday TODAY's Willie Geist, Barrymore spilled the beans on her own troubled childhood, which she said was teeming with all sorts of struggles, including drug abuse to being blacklisted from Hollywood at age 12. Worried that her divorce meant she wouldn't be able to provide Olive and Frankie (now 8 and 6, respectively) with a healthy home environment, Barrymore said the relationship's failure shattered her.

Barrymore said she wouldn't have been able to talk openly about her divorce like now because she didn't take the split well, noting that she took it really hard. The divorce even put her hopes for their daughters in doubt. She said that is why the divorce was particularly so hard for her.

She felt that her dream of having an amazing family didn't come to fruition and that there was something not working that wasn't livable. She felt the split was extremely tragic. Much to her relief and delight, she and Kopelman, who tied the knot in 2012, after marrying bar owner Jeremy Thomas, and comedian Tom Green, came up with an effective way to team up for the benefit of their daughters.

Barrymore revealed that she and Kopelman's family made the most important decision to be together and connected, adding this was she thought they call family. Considering that she grew up without a family, Barrymore said the last thing she wanted is for her daughters to grow up without one, Fox News reported.

The Never Been Kissed star told Geist that it took her five years before she could speak with hindsight, perspective, and articulation and appreciate everything they did right. She noted that everything felt wrong when they were getting divorced.