Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have only been dating for a few months, but there are already rumors claiming that they’re ready to tie the knot.

Earlier this year, Globe published a story claiming that Affleck is keen on marrying his girlfriend. However, the Cuban actress isn’t, allegedly, on the same page with Affleck. After all, talks about marriage make de Armas uncomfortable.

Still, a source told the tabloid that Affleck didn’t think that he would ever want to get married again following his split from Jennifer Garner. But de Armas changed everything for the Batman v Superman star.

The insider also claimed that de Armas is very seriously about Affleck. But when the dad of three started talking about marriage nonstop, the actress freaked out. After all, she’s not ready to tie the knot anytime soon.

Gossip Cop denied the claims of the tabloid by stressing the fact that they're inaccurate. They spoke with a rep for the actor and was told that the claims of the tabloid are incorrect.

It’s unlikely for Affleck and de Armas to already be talking about marriage when they’re not even engaged.

But despite Affleck’s rep’s denial, other tabloids continued to claim that it’s only a matter of time before de Armas walks down the aisle.

According to OK! magazine, Affleck secretly proposed to de Armas. And the speculations heightened after eagle-eyed fans assumed that the actress was wearing an engagement ring.

The rumor-debunking site once again looked into the story and they found out that the tabloid’s claims are untrue. They also pointed out that de Armas was wearing the ring on her middle finger and not her ring finger. As such, the ring couldn’t have possibly been an engagement ring.

Weeks later, Star claimed that Affleck gave his girlfriend a $200,000 promise ring. However, it doesn’t seem to make any sense for Affleck to give de Armas a promise ring when they’re not in high school anymore.

In the actor wanted to prove to de Armas that he’s serious about her, he could’ve just given her an engagement ring. And if he’s not ready to propose to the actress, he could’ve given de Armas a necklace or any other type of jewelry.

Last week, Affleck and de Armas were rumored to have already broken up simply because they’ve not been seen in public in months. However, this is only because the actor is in Ireland filming for his upcoming movie.