Another one on the list, Melania Trump!

Melania vs. Beyoncé

On another entry of the First Lady's leaked phone call recording with her former adviser and close pal Stephanie Winston Wolkoff says a vast revelation. This time, Melania expressed her despise to Anna Wintour's decision, Editor-In-Chief of the famous Vogue magazine, in hailing the American songstress Beyoncé as its September 2018 cover star.

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As reported by Hollywood Life, the recorded audio clip was shared with NBC News and was immediately reported on Oct. 21 (Wednesday).

In reference to the Hollywood dedicated news site's report, the former model and now First Lady of the United States has expressed her bewilderment and shock over the images and features of Vogue to Beyoncé. Also, the leaked phone call hears Melania despising on giving Beyoncé an untypical "editorial input."

"She hired Black photographer. And it's the first Black photographer ever doing cover of Vogue," she allegedly said to Stephanie. She has worked with Vogue as its Special Director of Events before joining Melania's team.

The photographer mentioned by Melania is the then 23-year-old photographer Tyler Mitchell, who shot the alluring cover photos of the Halo singer. Tyler's fashion project marks him as the first Black photographer to shot a cover of the fashion outlet. At the same time, Beyoncé's cover in Vogue is also the celebration of the fashion magazine's 126th anniversary.

Here is what team Beyoncé and Team Melania has to say

To date, the team of Beyoncé hasn't released any comment about the matter, as the singer's spokesperson declined to tackle the issue.

On the other hand, Melania's mouthpiece slammed the unethical move of Stephanie on a fiery statement. The representative boldly said that Stephanie's narcissism knows no limitations and that she is a fraud. The spokeswoman further said the audio clips are presented with a baseless and nonsense context; therefore, it is a massive shame for Stephanie to spread the falsified content and report such a waste gossip for NBC.

Melania's spokeswoman's statement addressed the news network and Stephanie but did not talk about her team's comment regarding Beyoncé's Vogue cover.

Stephanie's revelations

Meanwhile, the former adviser of Melania recorded six phone calls that last around six hours. The recording is set out in Feb. 2018, in heels time of Stephanie's separation from The White House, and then went on until July of the same year.

Another topic tackled on the call is Melania's remarks to another Vogue cover star, Stormy Daniels. She is a contemporary adult actress who reported having an affair with the First Lady's husband and current POTUS Donald Trump.