Fans of the pop supergroup BTS are about to get even more content as the group is sharing new details about their new docu-series, “Break the Silence.”

Forbes reports that “Break the Silence” will be streamed on the Weverse app, a propriety app developed by BeNX, BigHit Entertainment’s tech subsidiary. BigHit Entertainment is BTS’s agency. 

Shot during the year-long transition from the band’s successful Love Yourself World Tour to their even more successful Speak Yourself stadium tour, “Break the Silence” intends to show over multiple episodes what the band had to go through to make all of it happen.

BTS fans -- known as ARMY -- can pre-order the documentary starting on Apr. 28. The series’s first two episodes will air on May 12.

The Weverse app is also home to other paid content aside from “Break the Silence.” The fourth season of the band’s “Bon Voyage” reality travel show is also on the app, as well as the earlier “Bring the Soul” docu-series. ARMY can also purchase “BTS World Tour ‘Love Yourself’ Europe” and “BTS World Tour ‘Love Yourself’ New York” on Weverse.

As noted by Metro, this new offering comes after Bang Bang Con, a concert streaming event held on BANGTANTV, the band’s YouTube channel. According to BigHit Entertainment, 50 million viewers in total tuned in to watch footage from past concerts such as “2016 BTS LIVE [Most Beautiful Moment In Life On Stage: Epilogue],” “2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR IN SEOUL,” and “BTS WORLD TOUR ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ SEOUL.”

“Break the Silence,” along with Bang Bang Con, is another way for the group’s fans to connect with them, as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the postponement of their Map of the Soul tour. 

The docu-series will also be a way for the company to recoup any losses incurred from that postponement. As pointed out by Forbes, since “Break the Silence” will be on BigHit Entertainment’s own app, monetizing it would be much more favorable to the company. Channel owners on YouTube only get 55 percent of any earnings, as per the site’s revenue-sharing model.

Moves such as this one are important to not just BigHit Entertainment but other players in the music industry since the continued rise in coronavirus cases means tours will not likely start up anytime soon. According to the World Health Organization and its Apr. 22 situation report, 2,471,136 people are now confirmed to have COVID-19 around the world. COVID-19 has caused the deaths of 169,006 people.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that as of Apr. 22, the United States has 802,583 confirmed COVID-19 cases. There are now 44,575 people that have died from COVID-19 in the country.