It is common for celebrities to be friends with one another. After all, many of them have to work with each other for long hours or keep bumping with each other at parties. Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel have been friends for some time now. Do they have a complicated relationship?

A magazine suggested that the Friends alum was mad at Kimmel for inviting her former spouse Justin Theroux on his TV show a couple of years ago. The tabloid insisted that Jen felt kind of “betrayed” by Kimmel’s behavior. 

The publication further contended that Molly McNearney, the TV show host’s wife was on Jen’s side. However, the report was entirely made up as Kimmel was not supporting anyone. 

Also, when the actress organized a “Friendsgiving” feast in 2019, she had invited Theroux, as well as Kimmel. Had there been any squabble between the three of them, they would have hardly spent time together. 

Another tabloid purported last year that the talk show host’s wife McNearney was unhappy with the close friendship between Jen and her husband. The magazine mentioned that she was mad with The Morning Show star for “hijacking” her spouse. 

A tipster went to the extent of revealing that McNearney was tired of Aniston spending time with them always. However, it was later discovered that it was a fabricated story, Gossip Cop reveals.

Jennifer Aniston is quite close to the screenwriter. McNearney was on the same airplane that made an emergency landing during the actress’s birthday trip (via  Hollywood Reporter). It is obvious that Jen is close to the TV show host’s wife when she is on such trips with the former. 

Another incorrect report published last year, was that Jen was mad with Jimmy Kimmel for sharing a close bond with the Kardashian-Jenner clan. However, the actress's idea of being upset with her friend for being close to someone else appears to be ridiculous. 

After all, Kimmel is a talk show host and he needs to mix with celeb guests. However, the website insisted that Aniston is not quite impressed with the Kardashian-Jenner clan. However, an insider close to the host mentioned that the host was not best friends with the Kardashians all of a sudden. 

It is quite obvious that Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston are close friends and have no problems with one another. Contrary to what some tabloids would like to portray now and then, nothing complicated or dramatic is going on between the duo’s longtime camaraderie.