Many still don't know the artists behind the viral TikTok track Whole Lotta Choppas, but on Oct. 16 (Friday), mother-to-be Nicki Minaj introduced Sada Baby to the music industry's mainstream world.

Whole Lotta Choppas graced by the vocals of Nicki Minaj

Whole Lotta Choppas has stormed over millions of TikTok videos, making the track very prominent and in-demand.

On Oct. 16 (Friday), the female rapper made the track even more famous when she sang two verses and her unique chorus version. The remix single's release made the fans of the rapper and TikTok go crazy, predicting it to become a significant hit, especially now Nicki is on it.

"They wanna see you do your dance / Do that thang, pokе out them pants / If it don't then I got plans / Bang, you just got a summertimе tan," Nicki sang in the chorus.

Stream Sada Baby and Nicki's remix version of Whole Lotta Choppas below!

Nicki Minaj on recording the single remix days before giving birth

Sada Baby and Nicki's impressive track was recorded days before the rapper gave birth to his first bundle of joy on Sept. 30 with husband, Kenneth Petty. As per the tweet of Derrick Milano, who is responsible for arranging the track, the matter confirms the truth.

For the time being, Nicki hasn't released any statement towards her new collaboration with Sada Baby. Aside from her silence about the matter, Nicki also did not confirm whether the reports of her giving birth is accurate or not. However, fans are starting to conclude that the stories are legit as Nicki hasn't denied it yet.

More about the rapper behind the viral TikTok track

Sada Baby is a Detroit-hailed rapper, born in the full name of Casada Sorrel, and has risen to fame in 2020 for his fascinating music releases.

Aside from Whole Lotta Choppas, he also dropped two full-length music projects, titled Bartier Bounty 2 and Skuba Sada 2.

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In April, the rapper blurted out to Billboard that his musical range is different, as he doesn't settle in releasing pieces of music, but to make its listeners dance and mesmerized by it.

The music video for the hit track Whole Lotta Choppas was released by Sada Baby in August, earning seven million views as of this writing. As mentioned above, the track became famous on the short-video sharing platform TikTok, hailing over 6.9 million videos that used the song as a soundtrack.