Paulette Dean from Palm Beach County sparked strong reactions on social media after she offered President Donald Trump a compliment, leaving him beaming. The registered Republican complimented the president's appearances, noting at the town hall that he has a great smile and looks handsome when he smiles.

Dean spoke to the Miami New Times while returning home from the event and revealed that she plans to vote for Trump's rival, Biden. She went on to say that she is not a fan of Trump and wished he would smile more and talk less. Admitting that she thinks he has a nice smile, Dean insisted that she is not a fan of Trump, who she says steps in it every time he opens his mouth.

NBC News had selected Dean to ask the president a question regarding the DACA program. During the town hall, she pointed out that surveys suggest that a considerable number of Americans, as well as Republicans, are in favor of the Dreamers program before asking her question. She then went on to ask Trump that if he gets elected again, will he still attempt to terminate the DACA program.

Trump admitted that he too felt the same way as her about the matter, and said he was working hard on the DACA program. Dean was convinced that the president's answer was fitting but still doesn't plan to vote for him. Accusing Trump of being very combative and an individual who doesn't believe in science, Dean tried to justify her decision to vote for Biden.

She also recalled that Trump had said he knows more than the military generals, and more than the public-health experts, or anybody else for that matter. According to News Week, Dean said she thinks Biden will pay heed to what the experts say.

Her praise of Trump's appearance garnered all sorts of reactions online, with some approving her remark, some disgusted, and others mocking her. Chair of the Manhattan Republican Party Andrea Catsimatidis took to her Twitter account to take advantage of Dean's complement in an attempt to slam Biden.

In her tweet, Catsimatidis noted that while Trump looked very handsome at the event, Biden looked old. GOP strategist Diana London also took to social media to declare Dean complimenting Trump as the best moment of the evening, adding that Dean stole the show.

London also pointed out that after receiving the compliment, Trump blushed and smiled bigger than she has ever seen. "Love our President!" she added.