Some of the most treasurable bits in the WWE this decade include Hollywood superstar The Rock’s introduction of Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania, Ronda’s fierce clash with authority, her championship victory, and a string of others. Ronda who is one of the most prolific fighters and a promising actress has in fact proved her mettle in the ring over and again and in a very short space of time.

The former WWE Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey’s glorious career at WWE was short-lived as after losing her championship she decided to focus on her family. What was thought to be a temporary leave soon transformed into what seemed as though Ronda had bid farewell to the wrestling entertainment company for good.

Though Ronda didn’t utter many words on her return to WWE, the company CMO Stephanie McMahon kept insisting that Ronda’s leave was temporary and she would be back to WWE to reclaim her title. Now, after a long quiet period about Ronda’s possible in-ring return, it appears Stephanie was right in her claims if Paul Heyman is to be believed.

In conversation with New York Post, Paul Heyman, who has been with the wrestling company for decades, shed light on what could be the possible reason for Ronda not being in the ring at the moment.

Speaking of a certain possibility, Heyman said that it's just a presumption of people that Rousey's contract would come to an end at a certain point and what they do not see is that there may be an extension in her contract or probably the parties have worked out a new deal that goes to benefit both Ronda and WWE if kept from the eyes and ears of public as a secret. 

Heyman further added on to say that the MMA legend is a trailblazer who would make history with whatever she puts her brain and body into. In case, she decides to choose WWE to write her pages that would be changing the entire landscape of women wrestling not only in the country but everywhere.

She would break the barriers to set new bars of wrestling.

Ronda Rousey recently made some furious and foul-mouthed comments about WWE fans which angered many of them – it was thought she had cut her ties with the company. But considering what Heyman has to say, it seems those were all just gimmicks to set the stage for Ronda’s bigger return this time.