Dax Shepard recently revealed that he suffered a relapse after 16 years of being sober.

On his podcast, the actor said that he relapsed on painkillers following a recent motorcycle accident. Initially, Shepard kept his relapse a secret from his wife, Kristen Bell. But he eventually came clean to her.

But according to Life & Style, Shepard’s recent admission that he suffered a relapse affected his marriage. After all, Bell allegedly developed trust issues because her husband initially hid the truth from her.

A source told the tabloid that Bell is all about openness and trust. As such, Shepard’s refusal to immediately tell her what was going on with him was the ultimate betrayal for the Frozen actress.

“Dax straight-out lied to her about his relapse. The trust they had has been destroyed. Dax needs to gain it back,” the source said.

However, Gossip Cop debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that Bell and Shepard are not having problems in their marriage. In fact, Bell has been nothing but supportive to her husband since he admitted that he relapsed.

Bell has been showing her support to Shepard on social media. And she recently spoke with Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen Show to say that she stands behind the actor.

The actress also said that she would continue to stand by her husband because he’s worth it.

Gossip Cop also busted the tabloid for some of the times that they concocted dubious claims about the couple. Two months ago, Star claimed that the A-listers were bickering nonstop while in quarantine.

A source claimed that Bell and Shepard are irked by each other’s flaws. And Shephard allegedly feels that having his wife around is like he’s dealing with a kid. After all, Bell is always happy and energetic.

But the source also said that Bell and Shepard aren’t taking their problems very seriously. And despite the ongoing crisis in the world, the couple still gets to laugh with each other every day.

The contradicting statements made by the unnamed source proves that their claims about Bell and Shephard are just made-up. The couple isn’t bickering nonstop. And they’ve been married for years so it’s unlikely for Bell and Shepard to not be used with each other.