Queen Elizabeth has returned to her royal duties and for the very first time ever since the pandemic, the Queen attended her first face-to-face event in months.

Joined by her great-grandson, Prince William, the royals visited Defence Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Down near Salisbury. They were joined by scientists who are providing support to the UK’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Both the monarch and Prince William have been blasted for their recent engagement after they were photographed, not donning masks during the event.

Twitter users have called out the Queen and Prince for not setting a good example for UK Citizens.

One royal fan commented that she was disappointed with the Queen and Prince William’s actions and that they purposely snubbed wearing masks.

Royal author Omid Scobie told Express UK that people are jumping to conclusions immediately and that there is a back story as to why Prince William and the Queen are not donning masks.

He continued on today that wearing masks could have been a strong visual for the royals despite that.

Graham Smith, CEO of The Republic, commented on the event criticizing the Queen and William for not following the rules.

"I can't see how this fits with the rules everyone else is expected to follow, so the Palace needs to come up with a rules-compliant explanation,” Mr. Smith said.

On the other hand, royal commentator Joe Little had a different take on the Queen and Prince William's recent engagement, saying that a ‘visible and timely reassurance’ during these tough times.

CNN reports that the engagement was limited to only 50 people and that it was held outside, making it an exception to the rules brokered by the UK Government regarding the donning of masks.

The 48 people who attended the event, excluding the royals, also had COVID-19 swab test done with negative results.

Both The Queen and Prince William also took precautions going to the event, with the Queen arriving separately from the future King.

Queen Elizabeth arrived via a private helicopter while Prince William took a land transit going to the event.

The palace has not commented or released a statement regarding the blunder that the Queen and Prince William’s team made.

The royals also made it a practice to walk 2 meters apart during the visit USA Today reported.

Buckingham Palace spokeswoman did reveal that specific advice from medical personnel and relevant parties and that strict precautionary steps were taken during the event to create a safe space for everyone.