There is no doubt that there have been heated arguments within the royal folds. With several outspoken members, it is impossible that rows and rifts do not happen.

The royal family is no exception to domestic matters, but they have well kept it within the four walls of their palaces despite all that.

So what happened when Meghan Markle entered the lives of the royals? Robert Lacey, the author of ‘Battle of Brothers,’ discusses it in his newest book.

Lacey, a trusted royal historian and an advisor for Netflix’s the crown, reveals in his book that Queen Elizabeth was not impressed with Meghan’s attitude.

Even before Meghan Markle wed Prince Harry, there has already been negative publicity for the future duchess.

The Queen, who helped Meghan choose her tiara for the wedding, was said to have been upset when Meghan was not impressed with her choice, wanting to wear another tiara for the occasion.

This incident reportedly reached Prince Harry and instructed the Queen’s royal household to get Meghan what she wants.

‘Battle of Brothers’ exposed what Harry said. Allegedly the Prince said, ‘what Meghan wants, Meghan gets.’

Queen Elizabeth was said to be furious with Harry’s demands and replied that Meghan was to wear what is chosen for her by the Queen.

The UK media exposed this event and a bad spotlight was put on Meghan ever since then.

Lacey’s book plans to reveal a different side to the story of the royals in recent years. There have been several excerpts from the book published by the Dailymail.

Other chapters of the ‘Battle of Brothers’ reflect on issues involving other members of the royal fold. Mirror online has come out with an overview of some of the wildest storied from Lacey’s new book.

The book also discusses the rumors of Prince Harry’s biological father. Rumors have circulated that Prince Charles is not the prince's real father, but in ‘Battle of Brothers’, Lacey writes that Prince Charles had a sit down with Harry to explain to him that James Hewitt, the alleged real father of the Prince, is not his father.

Prince Harry and Meghan have been enjoying their new life in Santa Barbara, California, and have been involved in several engagements since their royal firm's departure.

Recently, Meghan Markle once again spoke negatively of the royal family, calling it an ‘institution’ and claiming that she was silenced during her royal years.