Khloé Kardashian rose to popularity along with her sisters after Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered back in 2007, but led a pretty normal life before that, although her parents' wealth and access ensured she had the money for many unique opportunities. After several seasons of KUWTK and a few spinoffs, she became a household name and also subject to strong criticism.

Following her sisters' footsteps, Khloé has taken full advantage of her fame to increase her net worth. She gets paid handsomely for brand partnerships and has cashed in on her influence to co-found her own company, Good American. Speaking of influence, the reality TV star has a whopping 122 million followers on Instagram alone.

Khloé, like her famous sisters, shares a lot of her life on the photo and video-sharing app. On Thursday, she took to her Instagram account to post that included three photos and three videos of herself. She sports a zebra-print bodysuit and has long black fingernails in the photos. In one of the videos, she adjusts herself into the frame and strikes a pose.

In the other video, the reality TV star flips her hair, giving the camera what is intended to be a sensual look. Just 7 hours after the posting, her Instagram post had garnered over a million likes and 7,000 comments. Enthusiastic fans took to the comments section to share how impressed they were with her overall look.

However, some commenters didn't find Kardashian’s look appealing. The Shade Room Instagram account reposted two of Kardashian’s videos, and critics immediately pointed out that it looked as if the socialite was wearing a diaper. A comment that suggested it looked as if she was wearing a diaper received more than 8,000 likes.

Aside from that, Khloé's comments section was teeming with negative remarks about her outfit, making it seem like she was sporting a diaper. One commenter joked that they thought it was an ad for Huggies pamper, but some of Kardashian's fans who were annoyed by the diaper comments rushed to defend her.

Regardless of what it looked like, the reality TV star seems to be very happy with her outfit choice. Moreover, it is highly unlikely that a few less than favorable comments are going to change her mind. The Kardashian-Jenner clan likes to interact with their fans via social media. Khloé uses her platform to share throwback pictures of her family, KUWTK previews, and give insights into her life as a mom.