Prince William and Kate Middleton broke up twice during their 10-year relationship before finally getting engaged in 2010.

In the book Battle of Brothers, royal author Robert Lacey revealed that Prince William was the one that ended his relationship with Middleton in 2007.

While the Duchess of Cambridge was at work, she received a call from Prince William. Middleton, reportedly, went inside a room where no one could hear her and she stayed in the room for an hour.

After she went out of the room, Lacey said that Middleton was newly single because Prince William broke up with her over the phone.

However, Prince William and Middleton’s split only lasted for a few months. Three years later, the royal couple got engaged. And the Duke of Cambridge explained that they broke up in 2007 because they were still finding their own way and growing up.

Middleton seemed to have gotten over the fact that Prince William broke up with her. During the engagement interview, the Duchess of Cambridge said that she valued the time that she had away from Prince William.

Looking back, Prince William’s decision to end things then made their relationship so much stronger when they got together. But while it was happening, the mom of three admitted that she didn’t think this way.

Prince William and Middleton have been married for nine years. And they dated for 10 years before they got engaged. This means that the royal couple has been together for almost two decades.

And even though the couple’s marriage seems to be going strong, tabloids have been saying that it’s only a matter of time before they get a divorce.

Last year, Prince William was accused of cheating on Middleton with Rose Hanbury. The tabloids claimed that Middleton and Hanbury used to be very close. But they had a falling out and it’s because of Prince William.

Until today, there hasn’t been any confirmation that Prince William really cheated on his wife. But the rumors just died down naturally. An insider claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge threatened those that were spreading that dubious claims with a lawsuit.

Hanbury has also stayed mum on the issue.