Allegedly, Queen Elizabeth is so enraged with Prince Andrew that she doesn’t think he deserves love from the royal family.

According to OK! magazine, Prince Andrew’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein is making the queen cringe. As such, the monarch doesn’t think that Prince Andrew deserves the love of his family after his behavior.

A source also claimed that the queen took it upon herself to ban her once her favorite son from going to the delivery room when Princess Eugenie gives birth.

This isn’t the first time that the queen is rumored to have been furious with her third child. In December, Globe claimed that the Duke of York was placed on house arrest after he decided to step back from his royal duties.

A source told the tabloid back then that Prince Andrew has thrown the palace into an unprecedented crisis because he, allegedly, refused to cut ties with Epstein. And since Prince Andrew has put the monarchy in jeopardy, the queen has decided to do everything that she can to save it, even if this means sacrificing her own flesh and blood.

Following Prince Andrew’s interview, where he denied sexually abusing underage girls, the former working royal received more flak from his family. In fact, the source said that Prince Charles was outraged and he also thinks his brother is disgusting.

And Prince Charles, allegedly, thought that the only way to save the monarchy is by having Prince Andrew arrested.

“The queen immediately ordered Andrew held under house arrest. She also declared Andrew, a former helicopter pilot, be stripped of all military ranks and titles. She commanded him to tell FBI investigators everything he knows about pervert Epstein and his sex-trafficking empire,” the source said.

However, none of these claims are true. Prince Andrew was never placed on house arrest. And Prince Charles never had his brother arrested.

The Duke of York was not seen in public a lot of times since he stepped back from his royal duties, but this was entirely his choice. He was still free to do whatever he wanted to do.

In fact, he was present at Princess Beatrice’s royal wedding months ago. And he was also the one that walked his eldest daughter down the aisle.