Queen Elizabeth is, allegedly, furious with Prince William over the recent claims he made about being king.

In the book Battle of Brothers, royal author Robert Lacey revealed that the queen had problems with the Duke of Cambridge while he was growing up.

As a young man, Prince William, allegedly, boasted about how he would change the monarchy once he ascends the throne. However, the queen was, reportedly, not impressed with the noise that Prince William was making.

And things only became much worse after Prince Harry became old enough to join in.

Lacey revealed that Prince William and Prince Harry’s comments resulted in fighting, crying, and running around Windsor, Balmoral, or Sandringham whenever they would visit Her Majesty.

And the queen was so stressed because she couldn’t believe that this is the kind of behavior that she would see from her grandsons.

To make things worse, the monarch also found out that Prince William’s favorite line was: “When I’m king, I’m going to make a new rule…”

But when Prince William was much younger, he didn’t, reportedly, like to become king. Princess Diana was in the car when her sons got into an argument about their future roles.

After Prince William declared that he didn’t want to be king, Prince Harry chimed in by saying that he’d gladly take on the role if his brother didn’t want it.

Unfortunately for Prince Harry, this will never happen because the order of succession states that Prince Charles’ eldest son will become his successor.

But over time, Prince William became more accepting of his future role. However, he still has fears for the future.

While speaking with BBC News, the dad of three said that he doesn’t lie awake at night waiting for the day that he would become king. After all, this means that his family would’ve moved on.

The Duke of Cambridge meant that once he’s king, this means that the queen and Prince Charles would’ve already died.

Prince William said that for now, he’s focusing on his role to the royal family and his role as a dad and husband.

Following the birth of Princess Charlotte, he said that he’s taking his responsibilities and duties as a father very seriously and responsibly. He also said that this goal is to raise his kids to become good people with the idea of service and duty to others in their hearts.