Princess Diana may not have had the chance to meet her grandson, Prince George. But her good friend, Julia Samuel is trying to shower the young royal with love that he would’ve otherwise gotten from the Princess of Wales.

During her interview on How to Fail with Elizabeth Day podcast, Samuel revealed that she and Princess Diana used to be very close friends. In fact, they were so attached to the hip that Samuel asked Princess Diana to be the godmother of her son.

Years later, Prince William and Kate Middleton returned the gesture by asking Samuel to be a godmother to Prince George. This way, the young royal can still have a special connection with Princess Diana even though they’ve never met.

Samuel said that if only Princess Diana was still alive, she would’ve loved her grandson. After all, Prince George is smart, feisty, and cheeky. Samuel is also modeling her role as a godmother on the Princess of Wales because the latter was such a good godmother to her son.

Princess Diana’s friend also revealed that she’s trying to continue Princess Diana’s tradition with Prince George. When the late royal was still alive, she used to give Samuel’s son toys with lights and sounds as gifts.

Even though her godson loved it, it was a cause of stress for Samuel because she would be the one to assemble the toy. So, when she became Prince George’s godmother, she decided to also give the young royal nightmarish toys.

And Samuel said that it’s so funny because Prince William would spend hours assembling her gift. And once he’s done assembling it, Prince William and Middleton have to endure the tooting and swooshing sound from the toy.

Samuel said that this certainly makes her laugh and it also makes Prince George laugh.

Meanwhile, Prince George also made headlines this week after a royal expert revealed that he and Princess Charlotte could break a school rule, but her classmates can’t.

Royal author Katie Nicholl wrote for Vanity Fair that the parents of the students at Thomas’s Battersea aren’t allowed to drop their children off on the school grounds. Rather, they can only drop them off outside the gate.

But this rule doesn’t apply to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. This is most likely due to the fact that they are members of the royal family and direct heirs to the throne.