Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise is shooting for Mission Impossible 7 at present. The crew often posts his on set pictures on social media platforms. 

The actor loves performing his stunt sequences for his films. A recent photo posted on social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter shows him performing some action sequences while riding a bike. 

It is interesting to note that the bike the Top Gun star is seen riding is a BMW bike, which has been manufactured in India. It is made in Hosur’s TVS plant for international as well as domestic markets. 

Cruise has used a bike, which is a model used by the cops in Italy as a guarding vehicle. The bike features well-defined side panniers, alert lights, and color schemes. 

Fans have managed to click their favorite actor shooting in Europe's different countries for his upcoming Mission Impossible flick. The actor was seen performing some action sequences from the top of a moving train a few days ago, WION reports. 

Meanwhile, the actor has managed to immerse himself in the character of Ethan Hunt as he films the seventh installment of this popular action franchise. He was seen enjoying a light moment while filming in the Italian capital this Tuesday while shooting an important scene with his co-star Hayley Atwell. 

The 58-year-old Academy Award nominee came out of his character as he and the actress had their hands up while being pulled out of a car at gunpoint. The Edge of Tomorrow actor appeared like an action hero wearing a silver waistcoat with a pair of matching trousers, a tie, and a white shirt. 

On the other hand, Tom Cruise’s co-star looked chic in a smart white blouse and a pair of black trousers. The actress’s brunette hair was arranged in soft waves, and her make-up accentuated her lovely features. 

Their vehicle looked destroyed and a human body was lying on the ground. The actor has been seen shooting several interesting scenes in the past few months, performing some brilliant stunts. This included motorbike jumps, riding atop a moving train, and parachuting. 

Shooting for the action flick came to an abrupt halt in Italy this year amid the sharp rise in the number of COVID-19 cases. The stars and the crew are shooting in Norway ever since. They returned to Rome this week to continue filming the pending scenes.

The film’s shooting has already been delayed for five months after the spread of Italy's pandemic. It has been reported that Tom Cruise is adamant not to have any more delays. The studio feels it will do everything possible to keep its actors and crew safe, Daily Mail reports.