The "Cool For The Summer" hitmaker, Demi Lovato blessed her fans with a fiery performance at the Billboard Music Awards. Fans might be amused but it didn’t go well as the signer decided to hit back at the criticism of the new track, “Commander in Chief.”

The carefully crafted lyrics of the song take aim at the hollow system that is breaking the country and President Donald Trump's loose approach as well. Part of the lyrics highlights that the leader of the country ‘lining his pockets’ which has resulted in the country plunging into a state of crisis.

One of the songs that Demi decided to belt out during her performance was “Commander In Chief” – so obviously it got a political touch that some distributors and presenters would not be okay with. As she performed the track, a big bold message of ‘Vote’ spread as her background.

The performance was censored when showing on NBC. As per some viewers, the broadcaster showed it from an angle that only a close-up of the singer, while she was singing with the piano, was visible. The view of the ‘vote’ sign was excluded.

Since the song was against the sitting President and behind is a sign that’s urging people of America to vote – the combination of the two is being considered to be a message to vote against Trump.

Before her daring performance at the awards, the singer got her message across by sharing the video of her song. The caption that she wisely constructed suggests that she wants everyone to be on the lookout for a better, positive change – so that everyone in the community may be benefited.

Responding to one of the comments from her followers, the singer fearlessly wrote, “Music is art. Art is an expression meant to create conversation. We are heading into the most important election of our lives. This song isn’t about division. So please, debate, and talk about voting. That’s what this is all about.” As per Demi, this is the time people should look for answers from the President.

Voicing her opinions openly, Demi proves why she is at the pinnacle of what she is doing.

The singer has recently called it quits with her short-lived fiancé Max Ehrich in the wake of some unrevealed reasons. Ehrich has been trying hard to get his requests paid attention to but the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer has kept it pretty quiet.