Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has once again made international headlines after the royal wife appeared in another of Fortune Magazine’s virtual engagement.

The Duchess was one of the key speakers for ‘Most Powerful Women Next Gen Summit’ where the ex-actress spoke about her experience with social media and as part of the British royal family.

The mother of one highlighted her past with the royal family, taking a subtle jab at the rumored stifling of her voice in the royal firm.

As a former actress and an activist, the ‘Suits’ star has opened up about having lost the power to use her voice in the past years.

During the summit, the Duchess she discussed the importance of ‘using your voice,’ reflecting on her incidents in the past years where she was rarely seen speaking and her engagements within the royal firm was limited.

She preached that a woman’s voice matters and that social media had given millions of people the platform to speak up.

Meghan Markle also mentioned that the use of these social media platforms is a huge responsibility that one holds.

The Duchess continued by enlightening that parenthood has greatly affected her outlook on social media, saying that the things that she can tolerate may not be something her son can and that it is important not to put your child in a vulnerable position at a young age.

During her stay with the royal firm, it was alleged the Meghan Markle was often snubbed during engagements. In one instance, together with royal member Prince William, Kate Middleton and her husband Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex was skipped when it was time to speak up.

Despite this, Meghan has continued on to talk about the organizations and charities that she is involved in the partnership with the British Royal Foundation.

In the Fortune Magazine summit, Meghan also discussed the harrowing effect of social media on her and how social media's constant use is comparable to drug addiction.

“People who are addicted to drugs are called users, and people who are on social media are called users,” the Duchess said during her speech.

Meghan Markle also revealed that she has been off of social media for a long time, explaining that their past Instagram account, ‘SussexRoyal,’ was not handled by her and Prince Harry but a team hired by the royal firm.

Both Harry and Meghan have been actively doing engagement in the past week, and several of their talks are available on all major online platforms.