The fascinating lives of the royals have always been a show-stopping experience. Their rich history depicted in several films from the past has been a great generator of interest for the common people.

Nowadays, the life of the royals is less exciting with the evolvement of England. The royal firm has adapted well to modern times.

Their private lives instead became the main interest of the Britons and the people of the world.

Have you ever wondered how the royal family travels? Well, PBS has just got the show for you.

The newest PBS series will reveal the inside look of the royal family’s private travels, from the trains they ride to the planes they land on.

The show will be a two-part series, with the first episode tackling the Royal train. ‘Secrets of the Royal Train’ will show the most luxurious locomotives used by the royal family.

Queen Victoria’s 23-karat-gold painted railway car will be discussed in the first episode. There will also be several interviews with royal aides and insiders who have joined the royal family on their trips.

For over 150 years, the royal train has been the favorite way of the royals to travel until the advent of air travel.

PBS’s second episode of ‘Secrets of the Royal’ will be aired the next week after ‘Secrets of the Royal Train.’

In the second episode, PBS will be showing the private plane of the royal firm. In ‘Secrets of the Royal Plane,’ a tour of the private jet used by the royal members will be presented.

There will also be interviews with people who have worked with the royal family and traveled with them. Several of the crew members of the imperial plane will also make guest appearances to further explain in detail the cabin life during air travel with the royal members.

Additional clips and footage of the past travels of the royals will be shown as well. The history 1959 royal tour of Queen Elizabeth will be highlighted during these series.

The history of both the royal private train and the British monarchy plane will also be delved into. This will be the first in-depth look into the family’s private properties, which have been veiled in mystery for over a century now.

PBS’s ‘Secrets of the Royal Train’ will be aired on Nov. 15, while the second part ‘Secrets of the Royal Plane’ will be aired on Nov. 22.