Piers Morgan recently slammed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in his new book.

The Good Morning Britain host has been a vocal critic of Prince Harry and Markle for years. But in his book, he questioned why the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been demanding the public for their privacy.

However, Morgan said that Prince Harry and Markle continue to hurl themselves into the news. Morgan also accused the couple of being desperate for attention and for trying to swerve the focus of the public from the pandemic to them.

Morgan also criticized Prince Harry and Markle’s decision to ban four British newspapers from their lives after they accused them of breaching their privacy. One of these publications was Mail On Sunday, which Markle filed a lawsuit against for publishing photos of her letter to her dad, Thomas Markle Sr.

But a rep for Mail on Sunday fired back by saying that Markle was aware that her handwritten letters would be published. And this is exactly why she wrote a letter to her dad.

Morgan also said that everything that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been doing doesn’t show their desire to protect their son and shield them from the public’s eye.

Since they quit The Firm in January, Prince Harry and Markle have been very visible via virtual calls and interviews. In fact, they just recently commented on the elections. And Markle also talked about being the most trolled person online, as well as the dangers of social media, and more.

On May 6, Markle released a video of her and Archie reading the book Duck! Rabbit! Morgan said that he started writing a lengthy tweet about the appearance but he stopped halfway through.

After all, he realized that it wouldn’t make sense for him to keep tweeting about Markle and Prince Harry when the world is dealing with more important things such as COVID-19.

Morgan also said that there’s no reason for him to keep telling the world that Markle is a hypocrite because they have already come to realize that she is.

Markle and Morgan used to be friends years ago. But after Markle met Prince Harry, she started ghosting Morgan and they never spoke again.