President Donald Trump is trailing in the polls with less than three weeks before the presidential election. In an attempt to turn this scenario around in his favor, the president appealed to rural voters during a campaign rally in Iowa, a state he won skilfully back in 2016.

"You're a big state to me," the president told a large crowd comprising mostly supporters without masks at Des Moines International Airport during his 90-minute speech. He went on to tell his maskless supporters with tremendous power and influence that they have never let him down.

This marked the president's third rally in as many days over a week after being taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and hospitalized for COVID-19. Trump is bent on closing the gap with his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, who continues to lead the president in national polls, as well as some key battleground states, USA Today reported.

The two leaders have matched voter supports in Iowa, however, the former president leads Trump by 6 points in Nevada and Michigan, according to a CBS/YouGov poll taken from Oct. 6 - Oct. 9. Trump said he wouldn't be able to believe if he ends up losing Iowa, noting that he may never have to come back to the state again if he losses.

Trump also criticized polls that show him either tied or behind Biden, noting that his campaign is more enthusiastic now than it was four years ago. After pointing out the windy weather, the president wore his "Make America Great Again" red hat before declaring that if the people can wear the hat, then he can wear it too.

He then took his tie off and threw it into the audience. He wasted no time in slamming Biden and his son Hunter's business dealings in China and Ukraine. He told Biden owed the American people an apology because he is a corrupt politician and added that he is physically, mentally exhausted.

Trump already held rallies in Pennsylvania and Florida on Monday and Tuesday and is slated to hold more rallies in Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia later this week. This rally is held as Iowa records a new high for coronavirus-related hospitalizations for the second consecutive day. The state reported 473 hospitalizations on Wednesday, an increase from 463 cases on Tuesday.

The national agricultural advocacy group Rural America 2020 put a digital board earlier this week outside the Des Moines International Airport, noting that the rally would be a superspreader event. Des Moines and Polk County were considered as a yellow zone for transmission of the coronavirus.