32-year-old English singer Max George went all-out in making his former bandmate, Tom Parker, feel his support and love.

Just a day after 32-year-old Tom publicized his inoperable brain tumor diagnosis, The Wanted’s Max stormed over his personal Instagram account, writing a lengthy post that shows his love for Tom and his wife.

Alongside the post are photos of the singers and the band while they were still together.

George’s message to Tom

George kicked off the post by introducing Tom to those who still don’t know his friend. He said that Tom is one of the people that has never given up on him and that he has never refused anything when it comes to him.

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First of all.. I think the bravery of Tom and Kelsey announcing their situation is incredible. It’s obviously a devastating and scary time... but for those who don’t know Tom I will say this. There is nothing that he has ever given up on and has never taken no for an answer. His heart is the size of a lions, and it is his drive and passion that has always led The Wanted and made sure we are looked after the right way. Speaking as a brother, a friend and a band mate.. I know that you will conquer this as you have every other challenge you have ever faced. We are all on this journey together... and I can’t wait to get back on the stage with you and the boys and have a proper celebration when you’re better. You got this my man. I love you, Kels and all the family with all my heart and I’ll be right here.

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“His heart is the size of a lion’s and it is his drive and passion that has always led The Wanted and made sure we are looked after the right way,” he added.

Furthermore, George blurts out his wishes to his close pal by saying that he treats Tom as a brother, a friend, and a bandmate. He continued by re-assuring his friend that the journey he is taking right now does not mean he is alone and that they are all with him, supporting and loving him to the best that they can.

George further wishes Tom a proper celebration when he gets better and that he couldn’t wait to perform back on stage with the band.

The pre-diagnosis life of Tom

Before Tom was diagnosed with a brain tumor, the singer suffered two agitating seizures during summer that led him to consult a physician. Unfortunately, the diagnosis came out terribly.

Tom married his wife, Kelsey Hardwick, in 2018. The couple currently is parents of one to a lovely daughter who got born last year. Moreover, the couple is expecting their second bundle of joy before the year ends.

Tom’s current health status

When Tom revealed his illness on October 12 (Sunday), he said that he is currently taking treatment so his immune system could fight the disease.

In an exclusive interview with a news outlet, Tom said that the doctors disclosed that the brain tumor is at its fourth stage, making it crucial and fatal. However, despite the bad news, he continues to fight for his life to be with his family longer.

Tom asked his fans never to feel sadness, as he only wants love and positivity in the atmosphere. He is confident that he could beat the painful battle with the disease with everyone’s love and support.