It has been a week since the South Korean chart-topping all-girl group, BLACKPINK, made its first full-length album available entitled THE ALBUM. And just recently (Oct. 14), the K-pop femme fatale marked another bullet on its checklist as its highly-awaited Netflix documentary film premiered.

In the documentary entitled BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, Rose, Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo sincerely share the story of their individual and group journey towards becoming the artists they are now today.

Content of BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky

In a Hellokpop report, the enthralling documentary will unveil never-before-seen clips and footages of the Lovesick Girls singers and rappers. It tells the story of their childhood, from getting accepted as trainees, and how they were formed as BLACKPINK.

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BLACKPINK: LIGHT UP THE SKY is now on Netflix !! and full of more precious moments like this

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Furthermore, it also reveals the chaotic yet mesmerizing life of K-pop artists, allowing the fans to take a vast peek of the splendid and dazzling lives of their beloved idols.

In a statement by member Rose, she said that the documentary is the girls’ way of telling their story and journey on how they were called BLACKPINK.

On the other hand, member Jennie blurted out that the documentary film drew them closer to their fans, who call themselves BLINKS, and to each other. “When we were shooting the film, I believe that we were able to bring out some of the more playful and girly aspects of ourselves, which made our bond and relationship stronger,” Jennie added.

The untold story of BLACKPINK

As per member Jisoo, the group initially saw the project as a platform to share their honest and genuine experiences, but as the video camera rolled, all four got closer to each other. The matter was backed by the in-depth conversations they usually participate in for the documentary.

Moreover, Jisoo, the eldest of the group, shared that she realized how much each of her bandmates means. And to the BLINKS from across the globe, the project was done to inspire them through their life stories.

BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky is helmed by Director Caroline Suh, responsible for 2018’s Salt Fat Acid Heat series. Suh made sure that the documentary will highlight the journey of the K-pop quartet to becoming the women they are today, from the shy trainees to one of the best and renowned Korean girl groups of all time.

Meanwhile, catch BLACKPINK’s first documentary, BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, on Netflix now!