The war between Kansai and Kanto divided the world, and now Kansai is the vassal state for the latter. Akudama Drive Episode 2 takes the story forward about the criminals named Akudama.

Warning: Spoilers ahead, read if you wish to know more

In Akudama Drive Episode 2’s official synopsis, the showrunners mention that the next target is a Shinkansen as Akudama escapes the police station.

In the debut installment of Akudama Drive, the episode opens in a futuristic-looking Kansai with massive air balloons and neon lights covering the metropolitan city.

As a people walk, a mysterious cat makes way on the streets of Kansai. The cat looks at a high-speed rainbow-like shinkansen pass through the city.

Meanwhile, the city's billboards are constantly flashing “Cutthroat Public Execution Today,” hinting at a person’s execution in public.

Later, one of the main characters is introduced as Courier, and apparently, he might be facing 745 years for his crimes in the gang.

The episode then shows a gang war in Nishinari Warehouse between Ryokuryu Gang and Sekimoto Gang. Courier interrupts the gun battle after he barges inside the facility. Later, he hands over a package to one of the gang members and leaves. There is a massive explosion in the facility, and Courier, nonchalantly, lights a cigarette.

He gets a message from an unknown source regarding a delivery request, and the reward is 100 million yen. He gets a package to deliver—a mid-sized suitcase for the receiver.

Another character introduced in Akudama Drive Episode 1 is Brawler, and he lives up to his name as he annihilates countless armed bots. He gets a message about rescuing Cutthroat before his execution. The message also states that the Kansai Police are world-class, and this will be his test.

Brawler takes up the challenge, not because he wants to save Cutthroat, but because he wants to beat Kansai Police.

In the meantime, a hacker is attempting to invade the Kansai Central Bank, which has the third-highest security in the whole of Japan.

Even the hacker receives a similar message from the unknown source about stopping Cutthroat’s execution. It appears someone is trying to form a squad to save Cutthroat’s life and execute plans.

Watch Akudama Drive Episode 2 online via live streaming on AnimeLab and Funimation. The episode will be broadcasting on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020. The episodes of the anime are currently available in Japanese with English subtitles.

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