As the global coronavirus pandemic continues unabated all over the world, the economic fallout also continues to impact a number of industries, with the film and entertainment industry being one of them. Just recently, another round of layoffs was revealed at a well-known Hollywood theme park.

The Hollywood Reporter says that filings with the Employment Development Department of California reveal that Universal Studios Hollywood has either temporarily or permanently laid off more than 2000 workers.

According to the publication, 1374 staffers were permanently laid off, while 849 were temporarily laid off from their jobs. The theme park told The Hollywood Reporter that California's state was notified of the furloughed workers and that the company will still be shouldering the health benefits of the impacted workers.

The layoffs in the California theme park follows that of the layoffs made in Universal Orlando. According to Spectrum News, the Florida theme park laid off an unspecified number of its workers due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Tom Schroder, a spokesperson for Universal Orlando, told the media outlet that the decision to reduce their workforce was difficult to make but was necessary to ensure that their business could move to the future.

The move from the Universal Studios theme parks is something reflected industry-wide, as businesses struggle to stay afloat during the global coronavirus pandemic. Just recently, media giant WarnerMedia also had to lay off thousands of its workers.

The company describes the layoffs as the result of the global coronavirus pandemic and its economic effects on the industry. This round of layoffs follows the company's first round last August and is meant to trim down their costs by as much as 20 percent.

Disney, which also operates theme parks like Universal Studios, has also had to recently let go of 28,000 of its theme park workers in the United States. Before that, the Disney World theme park had furloughed 43,000 workers.

Whether these companies get to recover anytime soon will depend heavily on the state of the global coronavirus pandemic. In the United States, the Oct. 13 update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention pegs the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 7,787,548 people. There are now 214,446 people in the United States that have died from COVID-19.

Around the world, the World Health Organization’s update for Oct. 13 has the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 37,704,153 people. Deaths caused by COVID-19 globally are now at 1,079,029 people.