Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt’s reported ladylove Nicole Poturalski took to Instagram to slam her detractors after being subjected to some “hateful” comments” amid the actor’s divorce proceedings with former wife, Angelina Jolie.

The 27-year-old German model has often been said to look similar to Pitt’s former wives Jennifer Aniston and Angie. The model said she thought people’s remarks on her relationship were “sad.”

Poturalski took to Instagram and addressed her 230,000 followers and referred to some comments made against her as both “rude and sad,” Express.co.uk reports. She addressed the abuse she has been getting ever since the news of her alleged romance with the 56-year-old A-lister became public.

The mom-of-one wondered why some people always had to leave “hateful comments” against her. She also indicated that she failed to understand why people behaved in such a manner and wanted to know their thoughts behind doing so.

The model said if a person does not like someone’s content or does not want to see them, they should stop following that person. Poturalski also urged such users to be kind and nice.

Reports have it that she has been supposedly dating the Troy actor since summer. The duo’s romantic getaway to France in August created a buzz on the Internet and grabbed headlines.

It is believed that they spent their vacation at Chateau Miraval, the same place where Pitt had exchanged his vows with Angie. Insiders believed the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor was not bothered about his location choice.

Meanwhile, the mother-of-one flaunted her stunning figure on her Instagram page only a few hours after speaking out.

She sported a dark beret, a pair of jeans, and a patterned jumper in the picture. There was a wide grin on her face as she sipped her coffee. Soon, she was seen with a milk mustache.

Nicole Poturalski is, reportedly, in an open marriage with her 65-year-old husband Roland Mary, a restaurateur in Berlin, and shares a son with him. On the other hand, Brad Pitt is engaged in a contentious custody courtroom battle with Jolie, his second wife, Mirror.co.uk reports.

There was a report a few days ago that Pitt was planning to contact Jillian Armenante, Jolie’s 52-year-old former co-star, to testify against her during his upcoming custody trial. Jolie and Pitt parted ways in 2016, just two years after they got married.

Armenante acted alongside Angie in the movie Girls Interrupted and the 2007 film A Mighty Heart. Brad Pitt’s reported list comprises a therapist, security consultants, and some psychologists. He, reportedly, wants 50/50 custody of his children.