The movie industry has been hit hard by the ongoing pandemic; several movies have been delayed in their releases and production. Yet, there are still many ideas floating around production companies, and already a projection of many movies will be in production after the pandemic has ended.

Gal Gadot, the actress who plays none other than the DC heroine ‘Wonder Woman,’ is said to be teaming up with Director Patty Jenkins once again for a take on a Cleopatra Biopic.

It is alleged that the Israeli star will be playing the famous Egyptian empress in the biopic. Patty Jenkins and Gal have worked before as Jenkins is the director of ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Wonder Woman 1984’.

Sources have claimed that both Gadot and Jenkins have been pitching the idea to several production companies. Still, in the end, Paramount won the rights to the movie, beating out Netflix, Universal, Warner Bros., and many more production companies.

Jenkins is said to have acquisition scriptwriter Laeta Kalogridis for the Cleopatra Biopic. Kalogridis worked on ‘Shutter Island’ and ‘Alexander’ before.

The Cleopatra Biopic starring Gal Gadot has been green-lighted by Paramount and was put in an ‘accelerated timetable’ as they believe that the movie will be a hit once it is released.

This will be a new take on Egyptian empresses’ life. The last movie about Cleopatra was back in 1963, played by the legendary Elizabeth Taylor.

The movie cost Twentieth Century Fox $42 million and was the most expensive movie at that time. It also almost pushed the Twentieth Century into bankruptcy after the delays in production and changes in the cast.

From then on, there has been no movie about Cleopatra.

There have been rumors that Sony Pictures was planning to produce a biopic, starring Angelina Joie and artists Lady Gaga, but this has been in the works for years.

Gal Gadot’s involvement in the production of the new Cleopatra biopic has already gained traction. Several people are not agreeing with the star playing Cleopatra.

According to some fans of Gal, the star should let an Egyptian play the empress. People are also pointing out Gadot’s nationality, saying that it would be too much of a shame if an Israeli were to play an Egyptian character.

Although having been green-lighted by paramount, the biopic is still in the works, changes in the cast are possible, and the release will be far from now as Gadot and Jenkins are still to release ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ next year.