It seems like Demi Lovato’s recent ex-fiancé is not over their break up yet, the complete opposite of how Demi is right now.

A recent paparazzi video of Lovato’s ex-lover, actor, Max Ehrich was published by TMZ, showing the star sulking in a Malibu beach, where he was said to have asked Demi to marry him.

Max has been extremely vocal about his and Demi’s break-up, while the ‘Rise Up’ singer has been keeping mum.

The actor was pictured and videoed sulking around the beach alone. At some point, Max stood up and walked a couple of steps, then plop down again, looking like he is about the cry his eyes out.

Max has been called out for using Demi Lovato to increase his own popularity after his old tweets and comments on Instagram resurfaced.

The star often commented on other women’s photos and lives that were soon dug up by the avid fans of Demi Lovato.

News of Max’s actions eventually led to Demi breaking it off with him after just a few months of being engaged with one another.

The relationship between the musician and the actor was short-lived.

Lovato confirmed the break up back on Sept. 25, where she was seen without the 10-carat engagement ring. The $2.5 million ring was given to her by Max when he proposed back on July 23.

Both Max and Demi’s relationship grew fairly quickly from dating to spending the lockdown together and suddenly jumping to an engagement.

The whirlwind romance was quite a shock for everyone, but Demi at first did not want her relationship with Max to be public, but fans of hers have quickly caught on.

Max also has claimed that he was in the dark with Demi’s break-up with him, alleging that he learned it through the tabloid, and then he went on to claim that they were not broken-up.

Sources close to Demi have revealed that Max’s charms often blinded the singer during their relationship, but there were obvious red flags with the actor.

Demi’s way of coping up with the break-up has been going back to work. Her newest single is said to be a shot at Max. The song was supposed to be not released until later this year but was leaked.

Max’s 15 minutes of fame is seemingly over, and fans are not buying his pity party, believing that again he is using his break-up with Demi to catapult him to fame.